There will be tools available to help you plan for insurance.

Online calculators are available now tohelp you determine if your income qualifies you fora government subsidy.

Health status, gender and age won’t stop you from getting health insurance.

Even if these factors prevented your enrollment in insurance before, now you will have access to some form of health insurance.

Adult children can keep your insurance coverage until age 26.

Most young adults are now able to stay on their parent’s health insurance until their 26th birthdays, even if they aren’t living at home or dependents.

Preventive health services now cost less.

Certain tests that have been proven to help prevent illness can be provided at no costto you under the new health care law. These services can be immunizations, physical exams,and medical tests.

Your new health planmay automatically cover essential health benefits.

This part of the law is designed to help you take care of basic health concerns. These benefits can include mental health and substance abuse counseling, hospitalization, emergency services and wellness services.

You won’t face monetary limitations on your healthcare benefits.

Health plans have dollar limits on what they will pay for essential health benefits, you don’t have to worry that your benefits will run out when you need them.

Be Covered has partnered with organizations in your community.

These organizations are working withus to help bring you important information on the new health care law. These organizations can help Texans like you find the resources you need to prepare for the Affordable Care Act.