Protect Your Health and Your Future

Health care coverage is designed to make health care more affordable for you and your family. It works like other types of insurance — you pay a premium (or monthly payment) in exchange for the insurance company’s promise to pay certain costs in the event of an emergency or non-emergency medical situation.

Why Health Care Coverage Is Important

Even if you’re in good health, you’ll likely need to use the health care system at some point in your life.

  • An accident may happen, or your family member may get sick and need to see a doctor.
  • Health care coverage can provide you with a more affordable way to get medical care when you need it and protects you and your family from the high cost of medical care expenses.
  • The cost of even routine care can add up quickly. The cost of care for a major illness or injury can be devastating.
  • One of the best things you can do to stay healthy is to identify medical risks as early as possible. You can take advantage of medical screenings for things like developmental delays in your child, diabetes or mammograms and help prevent medical problems before it’s too late.
Protect Your Future

Many people don’t even think about health insurance until they need it. By doing some research and making good choices ahead of time, you can save time and money in the future. A trip to the hospital can be more costly than you might expect.

Here are average out-of-pocket costs for medical care without insurance:
  • The average cost of a trip to the emergency room for an adult can range from $750 to more than $2,000 depending on age, the tests needed, medications and treatment.
  • Broken Bone: The average cost for a non-surgical treatment of a broken arm or leg is about $2,500.
  • Concussion: The average cost to treat a concussion is around $18,454.
  • Dental Crown or Extraction: $75 to $300 for a non-surgical tooth extraction or $150 to $650 for a surgical extraction that uses anesthesia.
  • Average expenses for childbirth are $32,093 for an uncomplicated birth and newborn care, and $51,125 for a standard caesarean section and newborn care.
  • The total cost of a hip replacement can run a whopping $40,364.

These examples sound scary, but the right plan can help protect you from most of these and other types of medical bills.

Get the Care You Need

The sad fact is that many people who don’t have health insurance simply don’t get the medical care they need. They may be worried about the cost, or they don’t have access to health care resources. One of the key benefits of health insurance is access to a network of doctors and hospitals, as well as other handy resources to help you stay healthy. Other features of health insurance include:

  • The ability to quickly and easily find the medical help you need
  • Peace of mind and less stress during a tough time because you know you’re covered
  • Access to affordable health care
  • Health information and preventive exams to keep you and your family healthy

The bottom line is your health is the most valuable asset of all. With the right coverage, you help protect the health and financial future of you and your family. The size of your family doesn’t necessarily determine what you spend on your medical care. A healthy family of six could spend less than a married couple where one person has serious medical conditions. With new opportunities to get more affordable insurance, it doesn’t make sense to take a risk and go without insurance. Everyone in your family should be covered.